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We are happy to announce our Open Morning sessions are happening during November 2023. These sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 10am.

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New timings – September 2023

New timings – September 2023

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Return to School Sept 2023

Return to School Sept 2023

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5th October 2023 6pm - 8pm, Headteacher Speaks at 6.15pm No appointment required.

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Our Vision:

As a Christian school we recognise the unique and wonderful in everyone.  As a community we support one another to flourish, and live life in all its fullness.  This vision guides all our work and is the centre of our curriculum intent.

We recognise the unique:

We have created a curriculum from year 5 , which allows our students to explore their individual talents and skills as we are committed to teaching the full breadth of the curriculum, in specialist rooms with specialist teachers each week.

We recognise and enjoy the uniqueness of each student and we cherish the relationships that we build with them. We teach students that our Church of England school has the value of Equity at its centre, as we want all to succeed and learn. 

We recognise the wonderful in everyone:

We believe whole heartedly that “God created man in his own image”. We view God in awe and wonder and this bible quote teaches us that we all have wonder and wonderfulness in us. We support the students to identify and develop their own ‘wonderfuls’ the things that make them who they are. 

To help us find and cherish our ‘wonderfulness’ we study Christian values that challenge us to be the best we can be. Both staff and students reflect and learn at the same time through Collective Worship. We take time in COWO learning to wonder in awe at nature and human endeavour.

As a community we support each other to flourish:

A human being that flourishes is a person that is confident to face something new and learn from it. Our journey through the Covid19 pandemic enlightened us to the importance of small steps. We developed threshold concepts (key elements of our learning) to support our spiral learning journey. We noticed our students post pandemic have many different starting points to their learning. We choose to take time to embed skills and knowledge rather than rushing on – teaching in depth.

This year we are focussing on the concept of deep thinking for all and are modelling how students begin to think like experts within each of their subjects.

As a community we support one and other to live life in all its Fullness.

Our curriculum intent is steered by our vision to “live life in all its Fullness” and this requires us to acknowledge and learn from the tough parts of life, as well as the joy. Staff and students will experience Wows and 0ws within our curriculum and Collective Worship.

Since the pandemic we also secured time within our curriculum and timetable to support our students and staff’s wellbeing. Students learn how to notice, evaluate and put in place strategies to support their mental health. Our mantra is, it is ok not to be ok, but not ok if you don’t share it.

Alongside this programme students are encouraged to advocate and make a difference where they see injustice. We offer, off timetable Fullness days to our students to develop and explore challenging issues such as climate change and or raise funds for charities. Our message and intent, is to teach our students that if we all make small changes, this can have huge impact.