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Why do we learn History?

Individual and unique: 

Historical events often serve as symbols of transformation, redemption, and renewal. Stories of individuals or communities overcoming adversity, finding hope in times of despair, or achieving personal growth is a core focus of our History curriculum; particularly in Year 8 when the students delve into the topics of Slavery and Civil Rights.


The study of history ignites children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world. Our history lessons are jam-packed with awe and wonder. Students will delve into the past, revealing historical legacies, learn about how the present has been shaped and consider how the future will be impacted.


History at Edwinstree helps develop a wide range of life skills including critical thinking through looking at the reliability of sources, reasoning skills when justifying their point of view and stepping into the shoes of others by showing empathy.

Our history curriculum also empowers learners to became curious historians, keen to develop enquiry skills.


History education also exposes students to diverse cultures, traditions, and worldviews. This exposure enhances their cultural sensitivity and helps them appreciate the richness of global diversity, fostering an inclusive perspective.