"Our faith supports each individual at Edwinstree to flourish and challenges us, to live life in all its fullness."

Religious Education

Why do we learn RE?

Individual and unique:

When introducing RE we give the example of only being able to buy Weetabix and how dull and limiting this would be.  RE, however, aims to expand a pupil’s worldview, to help them establish and, over their time with us, re-establish their views as we look at the plethora of beliefs that surround us. Effectively opening up a whole “supermarket” of worldviews to them!


We look at the wonderful in all the worldviews, the pragmatism of atheism or the support of the Islamic 5 pillars. Pupils are encouraged to consider how they find wonder in the world and how this contributes to their own worldviews.


We include “deepen your thinking” points throughout our lessons, encourage pupils to delve deeper in their learning, flourishing in their growth mindset.

Pupils learn how to empathise and debate, flourishing into respectful and articulate members of society.


Within KS2 we look at the 6 main world religions and consider how this variety of beliefs makes society what it is today.

We adopt a critical view as we move into KS3 RE, considering the issues that can form in, around and towards religion. We embrace that religion and worldviews are not perfect and that the debate is there to be had!