"Our faith supports each individual at Edwinstree to flourish and challenges us, to live life in all its fullness."


Why do we learn Geography?

Individual and unique

Geography will help students develop their understanding of the planet they live on. They will gain a sense of their own place in the world. Through deeper understanding of their locality they will be able to make connections and comparisons with other places. Students will be encouraged to develop a fascination and curiosity through geographical enquiry.


Our Earth is awe inspiring and Geography at its best creates a sense of awe and wonder through investigating landscapes and dynamic power of the Earth. It also has the opportunity to provide case studies of how humans can work with the environment in a sustainable way. Geography is one of the subjects that promotes global advocacy: the ability to create and affect change.


Geography helps students to flourish: supporting them to always enquire, ask questions and seek evidence for their answers. It teaches them the importance of sustainability, living well but ensuring that future generations have access to our earth and its resources.


Geography helps students to live life in all its fullness by not shying away from the complex environmental issues facing the Earth but by supporting them to find solutions at all scales. It also creates an absolute and lifelong fascination with the world and encourages students to seek the outdoors and nature as a place of spirituality and reflection.