"Our faith supports each individual at Edwinstree to flourish and challenges us, to live life in all its fullness."

We have made the decision to close today. Having spoken with Freman College this is a joint decision. Currently our site manager is unable to get safely into school and many of our staff are struggling to travel through un-gritted roads. We therefore do not have a safe site that we are able to staff at the moment. There is no snow forecast for the remainder of the day or tomorrow and our plan is to get our site ready and safe to open at normal time from Tuesday.

We are sorry for the inconvenience to you and your families, we wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible. A follow up communication will be coming explaining the work that your child is able to access from home today.

Kindest regards

Jo Gant

Head of Edwinstree Middle School

A Church of England school